Single & Double Winder Staircase

Winder stairs are staircases with a turn but no landing. Further down this page you will find information and a variety of recent examples using different finishes and with different specs.

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Why choose a Winder Staircase?

Winder staircases have steps that continue to rise and you move through the turn, which is why they save space compared to landing staircases. The steps in the turn are wider on the inside of the turn compared to the outside. Building a winder staircase to the Building Regulations means that the center of the steps through the turn must keep the going length the same as the steps before and after. This keeps the steps uniform and makes them easier to use.

What do you have to measure for a Winder Staircase?

  • Total Length (A)

    The first length that the staircase takes as you measure along the floor. This measurement will go from the start of the stairs to the first coprner, or the whole length along that same edge.

  • Floor Height (Fh)

    This measurement is taken from the top of the finished floor downstairs to the top of the finished floor upstairs.

  • Width (W)

    This measurement is the total width you would like the staircase to be, including the stringers and any newel posts.


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  • Materials

    Once you know what staircase you can have for the space you have, you will want to select the right materials.

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