FAQs about Designing and Ordering a Stairs Online

During the initial phases of your stair-buying process, you might have several questions that require solid answers before you can decide with confidence. Understanding this, Fifty Seven Stairs offers a comprehensive list of answers to frequently asked questions, and the solutions to help guide you through the planning, designing and ordering phases.

Still have an unanswered question? We have a form below our FAQs where you can submit your question direct to our Customer Service team who will reply with an answer.

How accurate are the sizes generated by your stair design software?

We want to ensure that the stairs you receive are the highest quality and have been made using our same footprint as the final agreed measurements for your staircase. These may differ from the details you have put into our staircase designer, StairIDTM, due to our team looking at the staircase and confirming that you have ordered what you are expecting.

We use a 3d Staircase building tool that links directly with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, so the level of accuracy is as high as it can be.

Do your stairs comply with building regulations?

Yes, our staircase designer has built-in logic that notifies you if the staircase you design does not comply with current building regulations in Ireland. If you want to read more about the outline of the regulations, or read the regulations themselves, head over to our Building Regulations page.

Am I able to order a custom or bespoke staircase?

If you are after a custom staircase that is not required to comply with the building regulations then you can still put that request through on our StairIDTM. If you are after something completely custom, then you can go to our Custom Staircase Order page to submit a request to our team.

I am unable to configure the stairs/design I want?

Most staircases can be configured and ordered online. However, if you cannot get the stairs you require online, please submit a custom staircase enquiry, or contact us directly, we are always happy to assist.

Is my staircase design submission final?

No. Our StairIDTM tool is there just to help us all get a few steps ahead on the staircase ordering process. We have a team here who have a lot of experience, and with the initial measurements and stair type generated from your submission on the Staircase Designer, we will have a very good idea what it is you’re trying to achieve, and will be in touch to discuss and confirm your order.

How will my staircase be delivered?

We deliver stairs using our own vans with our own drivers. We understand staircases are a different delivery proposition than most other items, so we’d rather one of our team oversee all staircases be delivered safely to our customers.

We can deliver the staircase fully built, partly built or flat packed. Remember to request your preferred assembly state when you’re discussing the finer details of your staircase with our customer service team.

Can you give me an exact delivery date?

We can give you a rough estimate initially. When the stairs are nearing completion, we will provide you with an exact delivery date.

How long are your lead times?

Our average turnaround is 10-14 working days.

This can change during busy times and you will be notified of this during the ordering and design confirmation process.

When should I order my stairs?

We recommend ordering your staircase as soon as possible, at least 6 weeks before the planned installation time. The more time you give yourself from planning all the way through to installation, the more time and space you give yourself to keep the margin of error as low as possible.

What measurements should I use for the stairs?

If possible please ask your builder/architect/engineer/carpenter to provide stairs measurements. The stairwell opening measurements required are width, height, length. Any other key information such as space required underneath stairs or if there is a challenge to headroom when walking up the stairs, should also be measured, and our team should be notified in the additional notes section of our StairID.

Our Staircase Designer requires you to input the Total Length (A) for a straight staircase or the First Length (A) for winder and landing staircases. You are then required to enter the Floor height (Fh) and Width (W) of the staircase.

If you are still unsure, please read our ‘How and what to measure for a staircase’ guide, alternatively contact our design team for additional help.

Can we choose a different finish on the treads?

Yes. At this time our StairIDTM has only basic options to keep the start of the process simple and easy. Our customer service and staircase planning team will then get the enquiry and will call you to confirm the measurements, material choice and to take payment and confirm delivery dates.

We will have underfloor heating/floating floor. How should we deal with this?

As you can’t install the staircase directly over the top of underfloor heating, you will need to leave the heating pipes/elements clear of the staircase area. Apart from the base fixing plate, many of the staircases also require a fixing point for the leading baluster spindle on the first tread, or the support post below the linear staircases.

If you have a floating floor, it would be best to build a concrete pad to support the fixing point for the base plate of the staircase.

If you have any more questions about this our Customer Service will be happy to advise.

We’re interested in any additional questions you may have. Please submit the form below and our Customer Service team will respond to you as soon as they can.