Landing Staircases

Landing Staircases are commonly used and offer many characteristics unique to having a landing partway up the flight of stairs. On this page you will find information and some photos of landing staircases we have recently built.

When you’re ready, use our staircase designer to design your own Staircase


Why choose a Landing Staircase?

Perfect for navigating awkward bends and turns in your existing building, whilst providing a place for the user to rest partway up, landing staircases can be tucked away or stand out as a statement depending on your preference. The landing gives the user/s a resting and passing place, which means you can have multiple flights joined together by landings, and each of those can be up to 16 risers (steps). As you can have multiple flights joined together landing staircases are often used in commercial settings, and for residential homes that have high ceilings.

What do you have to measure for a Landing Staircase?

  • First Length (A)

    The first length that the staircase takes as you measure along the floor. This measurement will go from the start of the stairs to the end of the landing along that same edge.

  • Floor Height (Fh)

    This measurement is taken from the top of the finished floor downstairs to the top of the finished floor upstairs.

  • Width (W)

    This measurement is the total width you would like the staircase to be, including the stringers and any newel posts.


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Your perfect staircase starts by taking measurements

We’ve simplified the whole process from decision making, ordering and confirmation. Watch this video to see how easy it is to take measurements. Once this is done the exciting creative part starts!

  • Any questions?

    Our FAQ section has all the standard questions we get asked by customers along with our answers, of course...

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  • Materials

    Once you know what staircase you can have for the space you have, you will want to select the right materials.

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Ready to send in your designs for feedback and a quote?

Our staircase designer has been built to give you a visual based on the type of staircase and the measurements you put in. Once submitted, we will have our planning team review the design and come back to you with any suggestions and a quote.