How to Fit a Staircase

How to Fit a Staircase
(need to have some image illustrations here (fix to wall/fix to joist/newel cuts)

Top Tip
If it is possible to have a qualified carpenter fit your stairs please do so. If you want to fit the stairs yourself please bear in mind the following top tips

Use Supporting Props- your stairs will be heavy and will need at least two people to fit to support the weight. A good idea is to use lengths of timber to support the weight using the floor. Lift the stairs up into position (the small step at the top will latch onto the upstairs floor joist) using support timbers to take the weight of the humans and onto the timber

Cut Newel Posts- the top newel(s) hitting the jlist may need adjusting to ensure a tight fit between top riser and joist. Try to make this as plumb as possible. Measure the depth of the joist and cut the equivalent rebate out of the top newel. The bottom newel may also need a small trim to ensure it sits perfectly flat on the ground once the stairs is fixed into place

Fix to Wall- from underneath through the string drill and fix (using bolts or big screws)

Fix to the Trimmer- drill 3 screws (70/80mm) through the top step into the joist. The best way to do this is to use a plug cutter and pilot hole. Once the screws are filled use the timber plugs provided with a dab of timber glue to fill the gap (remember to match the grain direction) and use a sharp chisel and sandpaper to get a perfect finish